Monday, October 1, 2012


Contents are Delicious

     I haven't much to write about today: I usually get my inspiration from music I've played recent to blogging. Unfortunately, I haven't been playing much lately- only a bit of messing around earlier yesterday. What little I have to say here has to do with that fateful day. . .
     I was playing my curved Opus soprano saxophone in the afternoon as it was getting colder (autumn is starting). Saxophones, and most brass-made instruments, get very cold very quickly. It usually makes the instrument pretty flat, but in this case it didn't matter- I was just being silly (and probably sounding pretty shrill and terrible, A.K.A  fun). Prior to this, however, I had about three or four Coca-Colas (I know, I have a problem). With the mildly cold weather, and the Cokes, you might not see a problem here, other than my dieting, but I assure you there is a problem: my keys were starting to stick- bad.
     As it turns out, the combination of sticky coke and the cold worked together to glue my keys shut. With a pretty new horn (and being in the babying stage of owning it), I was shocked, and immediately cleaned my little Opus thoroughly (weighted-rag and 'pad saver'). I also *folded a dollar bill and closed it in the Ab/G# key (the most common key to stick).
     Luckily, I was casually playing my saxophone just for kicks, and wasn't practicing before a concert. Heed my warning: Sticky keys can be bad in an official setting, so it's always good to know what to avoid eating/drinking before such events.

*The mentioned tip is described at the
bottom of the page- it's a good one!

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