Friday, October 12, 2012

Testing the Waters

Feelings on Change

     To generalize, there are two types of people in this world: those who embrace change, looking for new things in their life daily; accepting challenges with ease -- and then there are those who fear change and everything it represents. In my case, I am so clearly the latter of the two. I'm afraid of change, almost always. To be honest, my stage fright issues probably have a lot to do with this, but that's not my point here.
     My point is this: as someone who has a deep-rooted fear of change, I can yet say that change is sometimes good- important even -and that there are certain things of which you should move past.
     I'll relate of course to my latest musical venture: the purchase of a trumpet. Now my point about change applies here, as I've always been extremely partial to woodwinds as apposed to brasswinds, in an almost ism kind of way (like raceism, only in this case, instruments). It may have something to do with the kinds of people I've encountered who play trumpet and the like. In my experience, I've met some truly self-centered and pompous individuals on the horns.
     But then it probably has a lot to do with many other things; regardless, I have always almost disdained brass instruments.
     Now that I'm getting older though, I see that this is pretty silly. Instead of wallowing in this childish stubbornness, I've decided to spread my musical know-how; to add a brasswind to my woodwind collection.
     This kind of change is great change, as it makes you better at what you do; smarter; wiser. Okay, maybe not wiser, but it's good for you to consider broadening your abilities. In my case, a trumpet is a good idea, as it's very cheap (just past a hundred dollars), and, if I'm at all decent at it, I'll be one step closer to a mariachi band (which is one step closer to godliness).
     Will I be terrible at the trumpet?
     Well, I like to think I won't for two musical reasons- one: I've played the didgeridoo, quite well, so that gives me an edge on the embouchure work, and two: I've about mastered altissimo- fluently -which means I'm good at harmonics and the like.
     So I've decided to take up a new kind of instrument (not counting the tenor saxophone I recently picked up), which is a good step towards healthy musical change. It's simply what I'm doing, and blogging about (not because I have nothing else to write about), but I suppose what I'm meaning to say is this: You should try new things too. It's a thrilling ride, be it pertaining to music, or not- it doesn't matter. There's no harm in trying.

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