Monday, October 15, 2012

Musician's Road: Thank You

Here's to Over a Thousand Page Views!

     Just over two months with this blog, posting (overall) twice a week, I've reached- as I write now -1,067 page views. As I may have written before, I don't do this for money. Instead I do it for this- the fun of it and all the support- as well as the sharing of ideas. I never dreamed I'd get so many views by now. Honestly, I imagined I'd only get a couple per each post via Facebook references or such.
     Actually, that was (mostly) the case, up until I've Got You Covered was posted. For some reason, you readers out there really seemed to like it, as it now has over half of my total views on that one post alone!
     Anyhow, I just wanted to use today's post to say thank you, so I won't write too much. I'll simply leave you with this: I plan to write, every Monday and Friday, for as long as I possibly can. Keep checking in, or subscribe via email; find on Facebook; be sure to comment with questions or anything you need from me. I'll keep the posts coming, and I'm always open to suggestions for post.
     Thanks again!

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