Friday, September 14, 2012

Future Saxophone

The Role of the Saxophone

in Space Exploration

     The past few months have restocked the minds of many people on this planet with excitement over space exploration and what the future holds for us in the vast universe. It makes sense- what, with the Mars Rover, and the International Space Station experiments. In the U.S.A, if you're like me, you wish we- as a nation -had money to spend once again on going up to space regularly, because the fact is that our future as a race is out there.
     Fast forward a couple hundred years and, if we haven't caused our own extinction, we'll likely be 'among the stars'. We'll have put some of those rapid space travel theories to the test and founded colonies far, far off in our galaxy. We, as a species, will exist happily and (finally) have our practical jet-packs. Life or death, though, the important factor in this scenario is this: that saxophones still exist, and closely to how they do today. Mankind can discover some amazing things, but most importantly, we need zero gravity jazz clubs- where the musicians will literally be bouncing off the walls.
     But I digress- I'm getting far ahead of myself.
     First we have to get that far. We need to explore, and so far that means being in a ship for a very long time.
Stargate's "Asgard" Alien
Playing a Saxophone

     Sci-Fi, of which I am an avid fan, suggests things such as cryostasis, by which one is put to sleep, or 'frozen', for the duration of the trip.
     However, I find that to be pretty dull and impractical, for many reasons I won't go into in this music blog. But I do think that filling a ship with music for a million year journey is a great idea. By the time we reach that far off star, a ship would land containing hundreds off (possibly a bit inbred) musicians- and well learned ones at that. The first building to be set up- a jazz club or overall music hall. After that, sure, all of the facilities and homes. But first, a club in which everyone could jam, with their million year old saxophones.
    Unless, of course, they can make new saxophones using some sort of futuristic technology, in which case I hope that they are made with the same quality as they are today. However, given that the now vintage Selmer Mark VI is still considered the greatest saxophone of all time and they don't even make it anymore, I don't have much hope for the future. On the other hand, though, there could be an advancement that makes saxophones more cheap to make, but with the sound quality of some of the old horns- and, yes, new horns -available today.

Cantina Band from Star Wars
     Space age saxophones, people, that's why the world needs to come together and get out of the 'house', or so to speak. We need to explore new planets, and boldly play our saxophones where no one has played before.
                                                      Intergalactic jam session? Play it!

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