Monday, September 24, 2012

Big Gigantic

There's More than One Way


Use a Saxophone

     Today I'd like to feature Big Gigantic, a livetronica musical duet featuring a saxophone. While there's a lot of electronic DJ'ing, there isn't a whole lot of groups out there live-jamming it out with a saxophone, drums and DJ electronics. While I generally don't mind electrica type music, I still prefer musical groups capable of live performances: on this point, Big Gigantic wins me over on the one fact. However, the additional fact that they feature live drums and even a live saxophone intrigues me greatly.
     I was told about the group by a peer of mine from my class on campus. If I wasn't already into some pretty harsh stuff, I wouldn't have seriously looked into it, but since I have a lot of free time after said class, I gave it a look.
     And I'm glad I did.
Big Gigantic doesn't require a lot of explanation- you should simply follow the link below and hit "play" on their page, and listen. What makes them so great is, simply, that they're a lot of fun to listen to! It's high energy because they perform much like a live jam session you might see from big name jazz artists, while using the DJ modernization.
     I haven't much more to say on it, other than you should listen to some of the stuff. Sure, it's not for everyone, but you should at least try. It's a good example of thinking outside of the box, in terms of music making.

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