Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dead Beat

Beat Them Up

     You might ask me, "why are you using so many puns today?", and I would answer "because I can". More importantly, these puns have some meaning. The rhythm section in many new songs these days are simply dead. We need to knock some sense into some artists, and never stop asking "why don't you do something different..?"...
     It boils down to this: today's pop and some rock have very dry beats. simple osculations between snare and kicker, while the hihat dolefully taps on oh-so literally. Where are the triplets? The sophisticated syncopation? For examples. I turn your attention to metal. Yes, metal: the genre which gets perhaps the most hate (dubstep..?). Say what you will about metal, but this genre has, to me, perhaps the most musicality of any genre. Often times in a minor key, they sound more intricet. Metallic songs also tend to have extremely complex vocals, bass lines, guitar riffs, and yes, drum beats. Listen to Korn, or Five Finger Death Punch, or Tool. Any metal, for the most part, is going to display the kind of drum usage I would like to see in more of today's "hot" music.
     Let me just say, I don't want the exact same stuff we see in metal in our popular music. I just mean that pop artists should focus less on what others are doing, and more on what has the potential to set their music apart. Take some hints from metal and add some interesting segways. We call it playing music for a reason. You have to play around. 
     This post might as well be an information-less rant on my part, but let's all just remember that the drum kit is an INSTRUMENT! Yes, kits are instruments, not just something to tap while your vocalist makes money. 

Korn recording in studio. Notice the drum
set is displayed like a king. Yeah.

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