Monday, December 10, 2012

An Ocarina of Time

A New Sound

     I just received the ocarina I ordered last week. I got a 'replica' of the ocarina featured in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and I have to say- I'm quite satisfied! 
     I've played recorders and penny whistles, which are fun and very similar to the concept behind the ocarina. The big difference between, say, penny whistles and ocarinas is that the whistles are straight in shape, with linear hole styling, while ocarinas are wide and have multiple holes of different sizes on the top and bottom of the instrument. On top of this, the ocarina has a large chamber, giving the sound it produces a deeper warmth than a penny whistle or recorder.
     I got a cheap version, relatively anyhow, and wasn't expecting too much from it. However, I'm quite pleased with the performance of the piece. It plays very well and sounds much like the one in the video game from where it is themed. 
     In fact, I've been learning many of the songs made popular by The Ocarina of Time. It not only makes for a good basis for learning the instrument, but is also very fun to do.
     Ten years of saxophone experience has made wind instruments such as the ocarina very easy for me to learn, but the instrument is relatively easy for anybody to learn. I'd say that it's harder than a recorder, but only due to the variances in hole patterns. Such wind instruments which are easy enough to learn are always a joy to do so. They offer new sounds and recording potential. Ultimately, though, they're just a lot of fun to learn.
     I recommend learning to play an ocarina wholeheartedly. Mine is a twelve hole model, but they make nine  hole or fewer, and many more. Pick one up simply by looking around on the internet, or a music shop near you.

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