Monday, July 30, 2012

Let's Sprint the Road

It's Your Way

     Choosing to be a musician is choosing to do something people do less and less every day. Musicianship is a trade, and the world today sees trades disapearing. This means that it is very hard to get on your feet. Luckily, most people, in America at least, start music at a young age, likely through a school program. Such programs are a great way for new musicians to experiment and find their path within the world of music. Through high school, this is a fantastic means with which one may experience and produce the wonderful art of music.
     But what about after?
     Traditionally, the end of high school marks the begining of many adult responsibilities. This is where being a musician can become challenging. Do you go to school for music? If so, what jobs are there for you after schooling? Are there other routes to take? Really, the only challenging part here is working through all of the doubt, because the most important adult responsibility is making your own decisions. To rephrase: everything you do is done your way. Nobody can tell you what path to take. Sure, there are influences, but in the end it's up to you to do the things that define your life. You can go to school for music. You can also study privately or simply join a band while going to school for other subjects. Apprenticeship is a great option, but again, such a trade oriented path is rare these days (depending on where you are).
     After choosing your road, what do you do? When it comes to me, I say you ought to sprint it! Choosing a musical path in life is exciting; not something to passively observe. Run through, grabbing at everything: see everything, touch everything and taste everything. Crush as much musicality in as you possibly can, because in a few years, you'll thank yourself. It is impossible for a single person to learn everything there is to about music. The entire world hasn't experienced everything there is to experience of music- and probably never will! Therefore you must learn all you can, while you can. Importantly, learn what you want to learn while you can. Music has many options!

What are you on about...?

     Who am I to write such things- and in a blog, at that? I'm a college student who has enjoyed music more than anything for almost ten years. I enjoy just as much tutoring and aiding the musicianship of young individuals. I've tutored several kids, ages ten-seventeen since graduating high school. I know my way around the music market, and I have quite a lot of real-world musical experience (my home town is great for busking). I play mainly alto saxophone, but I teach all sizes of sax. I'm someone who writes a blog purely out of the wish to help more people realise the joy of music. But enough of this. Read my bio for more information on me. There will be more to come as I blog about saxophones, music, and other things beginners and, really, anyone who's even interested in music should know.

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